— Photographer

As a complete Photographer committed to the artistic license that the creative process imagines, the interest is solely in immersion to art development. With a powerful range in any type of Photography, he has complimented an eclectic manner and form to his design language. The idea is to invoke qualities of storytelling, mood, and energy. Whether portraiture, candid captures, fashion, food, products, pets, nature, landscapes, macro or any disciplinary endeavor pertaining to image capturing…this is the Photographer w/ the thinking process to achieve those aspirations. Many of his work has received accolades, awards, or features/publications. And although that current success is quite the accomplishment, Chat continues to engage a more humble experience and strive for honor in believing “the true reward sits in our passion and attitude towards endeavors we put effort into”.

Also a believer that we should care to inspire. Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.


— Digital Technician / Retoucher

Editing photos all day is one thing, but to process images without care to the duration just to hone the perfect render is exactly what defines this Retoucher. The work ethics and conditioned skillset to strenuous post-processing strain is an ability Thach Tieu possesses. An artist owning a meticulous eye for detail to any beauty, imperfection, or nuances that is the makeup of any visual representation…expect nothing less than flawless retouch treatment. His touchup functions include: professional skin treatment, micro dodge & burn, carving/sculpting, frequency separation, manipulation, and compositing…just to name a few. Color grading is also a standard w/ his strong knowledge in correlation to color theory.

He has augmented his excellence thanks to his model in quote “underpromise, overdeliver”.


Please contact Thach for any retouch services.